Sunday, 28 June 2015

Photography at soccer

My recipe book

Fun with brushes

This is an action shot which I took, then I painted the back ground white.

This was just for fun 

This was just for fun to but there's a bit of a message in it. The  pictures saying that you can do anything in life.

Soccer trails

Yesterday I went to the under13 Taranaki soccer trails, for goalkeeper. It was lots of fun. There was only three other girls trailing for the position, and me. I fall over before we started luckily I didn't hurt myself. When the trails started they took the goalkeepers aside to do some warm ups. We did some dives and rolls and throw ins. Then we join in with the rest of the girls. It started to rain. I loved it, I don't mind if I dont get in this year I'll still try next year. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Winter Poem

WALT use language features and specific vocabulary in our writing.
  1. Read this winter poem example: Winter: 10 degrees
  2. What descriptions were the most effective? Why?
  3. What do you notice about how the poem is structured?
  4. Brainstorm aspects of winter you could write about (weather, landscape, temperature, light, activities, sounds, sights, tastes, smells, feels).
  5. Brainstorm specific vocabulary and language features that you could use to describe winter.
  6. Write your poem
This is this weeks writing activity.
Every week we get tasks to do in reading and writing.  If we have completed the tasks, we get points for our group.

The Great Marble Challenge: Sinead, Dinah and Naleeah

Our Average:
  • 82cm
  • 91cm
  • 91cm
  • 94cm
  • 93.5
Add them all up:
4 x 90 = 360
360 + 80 = 440
2+1+1+4+3 = 11
440 + 11 + 0.5 = 451.5cm

Divide by 5: 451.5divided by 5 = 90.3
400 divided by 5 = 80
50 divided by 5 = 10
1.5 divided by 5 =
15 divided by 5 = 3 so 1.5 divided by 5 = 0.3

This is how we found our average.

our math in class

Average Problems
WALT calculate the average in a series of data, using known multiplication and division facts.
This is the WALT for your 10 quick questions.
We are also learning to choose the operation needed to solve real life word problems.
1. Camryn’s marble rolled these distances in the great marble challenge: 97cm, 105cm, 95cm, 103cm, 98cm.
What was the average distance her marble rolled?
2. Dinah recorded these water temperatures in her greenhouse gas experiment:
Glad wrap container: 15 degrees, 16 degrees, 16.5 degrees, 19 degrees and 20.5 degrees.
No glad wrap container: 15 degrees, 15.5 degrees, 16 degrees, 16 degrees, 16.5 degrees.
a) What was the average temperature of the glad wrap container?
b) What was the average temperature of the No glad wrap container?
c) What was the difference between the two averages? (how much warmer, on average, was the water in the glad wrap covered container).

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My passion project flowers headbands

This is one of my flower head bands.
For a passion project I decided  to do a flower headband. I did this with plain headband and fake flowers and a hot glue gun makes sure you ask a parent before doing. First cut the flowers to what you want them to look like on the headband. Second place the flowers put everything into place were you want it on the headband then get gluing. If the gule is hard on the back you can gule some fabric on the back. There you go you have a amazing looking flower headband.