Sunday, 24 May 2015

Character and setting writing

We are learning to use language features and specific vocabulary at the appropriate time to make our writing more descriptive.

Our teacher gave us a collection of photos, and we could choose a character, and a setting/background. From there we wrote up a plan, which included the following:
  1. Set the scene / Start off in a way that hooks the reader in
  2. A good few exciting events
  3. One main idea in each paragraph
  4. Problem / exciting moment
  5. Conclusion / solve the problem
The next thing we had to self edit. We then had to publish on our blog or type it up.

The Elsie Locke writing 

Today Miss Churchman gave the class a challenge.  We are going to write an entry for the 2015 Elsie Locke Writing Prize.
Theme for 2015: A story set in New Zealand around the time of the First World War.
WALT: include detail, language features, specific vocabulary.
Story ideas:
  • A young boy’s perspective, their dad has gone to war
  • Sending a husband (soldier) off to war
  • Older brother has gone to war, but I’m stuck at school
  • I’m an older sister and my two younger brothers are going to war
  • A girl receiving letters from her father at war
  • One brother refuses to go to war, the other one goes.

Competition must haves
  1. About 500-600 words long (no longer).
  2. Must be your own work.
  3. Must be about a person who has stayed in NZ at the time of WW1.
Success Criteria (what the judges are looking for)
  • Original story idea that suits the theme
  • Engages the reader
  • Sense of time and place (character and setting are described in a believable and realistic way).
  • Clarity and coherence (makes sense, and ideas flow from one to the next).
A flair with language (uses language features and specific vocabulary effectively and chooses these carefully to suit the mood and what’s happening in the story).
How can we organise our ideas?
Set the scene / Start off in a way that hooks the reader in
A good few exciting events
One main idea in each paragraph
Problem / exciting moment
Conclusion / solve the problem
So we have been writing madly, hopefully some of our class will have there stories out on there blog.


 -What kind of vocabulary do you expect to come across in this story?
 List 4-6 WW1 related words you expect to read. Boom, bang, war, war, gun/s, weapon/s,trenches, confirmed, plan/s, Western front, army, shot
During Reading: -Tick off any of your predicted words we come across as we read.
-Read Page 38. Why were so many people volunteer to go to war? Because most of the young men thought it was going to be adventure and be a lot of fun but they were wrong about a lot of it.
 -Read page 39. What does the man mean when he says “we could be through in no time at all”? I think they mean, well we could be dead, gone in no time.
-Read Page 40. Why were the tunnels so important? The tunnels are so important because that was a way the soldiers could bomb the enemies. So it would help them with their success.
 -Read page 41. Who are they talking about when they use the term “Fritz”? I'm pretty sure their talking about the sergeant or boss what ever you what to call him.
 -Read to the end of the story. What problems did the diggers face? One of the big things the diggers faced was the shells going off because it could kill the soldiers if they didn't wear their mask. This hasn't happened a few times.
After Reading:
 -The author says “some people said it was a victory for our side”. What did the narrator believe? Explain why. I don't understand the last question.

Climate Change

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My photography of olly

At home I was board so I took my puppy out on to the grass and took these:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Independent task

Cadet:a young trainee in the army services or police force.
Ration:a portion or an amount.
Bayonet:a blade, knife, word. A sword-like weapon.
Severed:in this case they partisan of the army or war.
Tourniquet:a device for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery, typically by compressing a limb with a cord or tight bandage.
Commanding:(in a military context) having a position of authority.
Enlisted:enrolled in army services.
Questions:Thinking about the text:
  1. Why was Stan so keen to go to war? Stan was so keen to go to war because he thought it was going to be a great adventure. He thought he was going to have fun. Stan thought it was going to take him places he hadn't been before.
  2. Why did the boys lie about their age? They lied about there age so they could go to war and be heros, and travel the world.
  3. What is the Western front?  Where is it? The Weston front is the edge of the trench the war zone.
  4. What does the author compare the battle of Somme to? How is this an effective language feature? The author compared the battle to Mt Ngāuruhoe erupting. I thought it was effective because a war is a completely different thing to a Mountain erupting, and how the author said a specific mountain.
  5. How can you tell that Len and Stan are good friends? They did lots of things together, they spent hours together pick lice from their uniforms.
Why do you think Len burnt his uniform when he got home? I think he burnt his uniform so he wouldn't be reminded by all the bad memories.

My soccer action poem

This is one of my reading activities. You had to Pick a sport and write a action poem.
If you have any comments or anything I could work on. Please feel free to write a comment.

The ITM cup at opunake primary.

Monday, 18 May 2015

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Simpson and his donkey project

This is one of my ANZAC reading project.
This is my Simpson  and his donkey.


This is my periscope finished.
 For homework we had to make a periscope. Then write instructions on how we made them here is my instructions.
1:frist you need a template, I made my own it looks abit like this  I did mine on A4 paper. Then cut out. (It should look like this.)
2: Then glue that on card board but not to thick, I used a cereal box. Cut that out make sure it has NO flappy bits  sticking out.
3:Fold the flaps over and fold it into shape. Once you've done that you can get gluing those flaps.
4:Now you have a periscope but if you want to make it work you need to put Mirrors into the ends (I used tin foil.) Now you should be able to spy on those bothers and sisters.
Extra: you can paint your periscope and decorate it have fun.
This is the first picture 

Theses are the flaps you need to fold over.
How could you use a periscope in the war?
You could a periscope in the war to help see where things are. You could use them to help aim where you are shouting or throwing bombs, or just to see what is happening.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Netball trail

Today I had netball trails for the trananki  rep team
. I was so nervous because there wasn't anyone there that I new untill Cassidy came in my legs stoped shaking. The lady came in and blowed the whisle to get our attention we did warm ups then we got in to the games. Played these positions GK,WD,GD and I played them it that order. I thought it was a great experience but the results don't go online untill tomorrow or Tuesday, Altogether I had lots of fun.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Science rotations

This team our unit is science so each teacher has a science rotation and one of my favourite wAs mr lodges class. We made a light bulb go by a battery and tin foil. Our next task was to make a switch with wire, a bit of card board to paper clips, and a light bulb.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


My presents from my friends and family.

My 12 bday!

One of my presents 
Today I woke up in my onnzies with fizzed up hair everywhere. It's about 7 o'clock in the morning (teacher only day no school) and open nanas present and went back to bed and watched Annie the new movie.we hanged out here and mum, dad and gus gave me some present. We headed into New Plymouth and my sisters soccer team had a default the other team never showed up so we had so time to full in, I was so happy because mum took us blowing then we went out to dinner, it was yummy. But I was supposed to get a cake but they did have any made up. In total I loved my brithday it was so cool. Thanks to everyone who has mad my brithday happen.