Thursday, 11 December 2014

The worst Christmas ever.

Fiction story
I slip and grip the edge of the house, it felt as if I was falling to my death. My hands are clutching the side of the house I cant hold it anymore I think to myself. I'm just about finished the Christmas lights. Then it will be over but my hands start to become sweaty and numb.

I open my mouth to call for help but no thing came out, anyway no one would have came to help me because ash is at a princess party and we'll mum and dad I don't even want to get started with them. There is no way that I would call them for help because there always compiling about me e.g.

-"Lizzy put that back."
-"Lizzy don't pick on your sister."
-"Lizzy back here NOW young lady."
Now can you see what I have to put up with.

I start to fell sick just hanging here. Because I'm terrified of highest, I may not be up high but I'm still sacred of being up high. Well and ladders. My hart is pounding, so fast that it could jump out of my chest. My hands are sweating madly, my legs are shaking. I stumble and fall to the ground with the lights slipping thought my finger tips and smash into millions of little bits. They look like a smashed rainbow.

I land on the soled, cold ground. I looked at the ground and all that I could see was blood it looked as if some one had spelt a bottle of red die all over my legs I started to cry my rosy red checks are no longer red they are white as Snow Whites face.

Finally mum and dad arrive and I can only think about what trouble I will be in. But know the complete opposite happened.