Sunday, 28 September 2014

In our class we have been learning about PRIDE. At our school (Opunake Primary) our goal is to demonstrate PRIDE in all areas. This is what pride stands for at our school.  
Perseverance means to keep trying and to never give up.

Respect means to treat people the way you want to be treated.
Respect also means to treat people the same way on matter what they look like, what they sound like, where there from, and were they live.
Initiative means to just do things with out  being asked to do something.
Diligence means to work hard and to take care in your work. 

Empathy means to care for others and look after others.
Thanks for reading, I hope I helped you see what our school is all about. 

Friday, 12 September 2014


"Introducing the Room 4 Commonwealth games" And introducing the teams:
The students stand on the field pumped to go, with the freezing short grass between their toes. They are waiting for the flag to drop, and there off.

Everyone lining up at the starting line.
Jayden, Charlie, Maddison, Ajay, and Kalvin.
Green and Yellow sprint down the 76 meter sprint. As Doulton comes in at 1st place from green team all so Kalvin in 2nd  and Lucy in 3rd place again in the green. Now the orange red and blue are facing as Madison crosses the finish line first from the orange team, Ben straight behind her coming in 2nd place from the red team and Ajay in 3rd from the blue team. In the finials we have: Doulton,  Kalvin, Lucy, Madison, Ben, and Ajay they are all looking nervous in the sprints. "Of your marks, get set go!" And there off. Doulton runs to the finish line coming in at first place, Kalvin 2nd, Ben at third place. We also did hurdles, middle distance run, and relay races.

  And Introducing the second event: Hockey. As the Blue and Green team are waiting with anticipation for the while to blow. It was a close game, but the Blue team had just pulled through to the semi-finals.
 Silent ball winners
Kayla, Zymelio, and Maddison  

now red and orange face off, it was so close luckily red wins, 1- 0. for the semi-finals we have blue team and the red team. Its neck and neck, blues winning wait now reds winning, blue wins, yeah its all down to this. Blue vs. yellow oh no we're going to have to go in to the penalty shoot-out, blue gets one in, and they get one in before another. yellow get not one but 2 in. I've never seen this happen another shout out. It's  all lying on this can they get this goal in by Sam( From the yellow team). He's waiting nervously to have a shout, and he shout and scores. But can the Blue win, has Kayla got this then lets see. She shouts, she scores 1 for blue, now another goal BLUE TEAM wins the hockey. We also did netball and silent ball.
At the end I asked some of the contestants what they thought of the about it.
-Anika quotes:
I enjoyed it , mostly netball and hockey but no so much the running.
-Brydee quotes:
I really enjoyed the games day. I am super proud of our team, my team did. My favourite event was the netball.
Over all the Room 4 Commonwealth Games day was a great time with my friends.    


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Andy the alien.

  • Andy alien. 
  • His skin is purple.
  • He always wears a hat that says HAT on it. 
  • Andy is a  big Captain Valvax fan.
  • He has one big eye.
  • Andy really likes driving the hover tractor on the farm.
  • He has blonde hair well Yellow hair.

And thats all about Andy Alienson. 
Please leave a comment to tell me what I could improve on.