Thursday, 28 August 2014

On holidays collection!
Knife & Packer.
Freak Street is one of book of all time. At the moment I'm enjoying the Freak Street on holidays collection, which have got four story's in one book. The Aliensons, The Zombiesons, The Humansons, and The Wizardsons. I love the Freak street story's because they put lots of description, humour, and pictures. It was great how at the start of the book they put who the families were, and what there names were. Also I like how at the start of the book they put a picture of the what the street likes like. I've only got up to the first story (The Aliensons on holiday.) The Aliensons are heading to a Valvaxian farm to hers Zows (cows.) My favourite part is when the family was getting attacked by mothulons (mothulons are giant moth. I did think that the book didn't think it really had language features

 or really description about the characters or the setting.
I think anyone who like a funny book , this is the one to go with.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

 This is a 1800's project.
By Jamiee and Xanthe.
Open day was a great success. Their was lots of great things to look at. My most proud of work was my Time Travel story to the Treaty of Waitangi, Miss Churchman had put it in a book called TO THE PAST WE GO and my over most proud of is the Pike River Mine book that I had made. I found a lot of interesting things about this project. I thought that the old school house room it had all the books we had made in it. I liked how they had put all the old fashion school journals on the walls, it looked like the journals are the wall paper. Also I like Room 14 ANZAC DAY project.  Jamiee and Xanthe's project about the ballantynes fire was a cool poster, I liked there project.
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My adevnture in time.


 I walk into the noisy movie theatres the first thing that comes to my attention is the smell of buttery popcorn rushing through my nose. But the arcade room catches my eyes with the sounds of bang, bang, bang, beep when the games. As I walk into the arcade room I see an.

 old man sitting in a dark corner, relaxing on a weaved mat with a lantern placed in front of him. The old man calls me over and says, 
“young girl come over here," in a weak voice. 
 ‘What do you want?,” I answered him 
“Do you like to travel and if do I have something for you”
 “Sure I like to travel,” I replied 
 “You must never show or tell anyone what this is” 
“Ok” I Said not knowing what he meant by that. 
“Also its magical so be careful” 
“Yes I promise,” as I walk out of the movie theatres. 

 I started to walk home but first I stop at local dairy and get the most recent Newspaper it was anniversary of when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, so I thought that they might have an article about it. So I hand over my $2 dollar gold coin to the every tanned man and he says “Have a nice day” 
 “You to” I replied the man as I walk out of the shop, round the corner and up my driveway. I sit down at the table and open up the newspaper and there it was on the front page THE TREATY OF WAITANGI SIGNING. I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my little key ring in my hand I start to read the article as I chuck the key ring up in my hand as I read the words The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6th February 1840.

I fall down, down, down I feel like my stomach was at my heart it felt like I was falling through the earth as I'm dropping faster and faster every minute. Bang I hit solid ground
“Yappy” I’ve finally stopped falling I was hurt but at least I’ve stopped falling. I find my feet and stand up I was a bit wobble at first I peek my head into the gap of the big white tent then I recognize the people, it was there the treaty of Waitangi. I was thinking in my head how did I get here. I run to the nearest barn trying to remember what happened and how I got here. As I turn around slowly
 “Oh No” I yelled trying to run away but I can’t go anywhere because I had fallen over on a rock and face planted
“Nooo” I said
 “Stand up now” says the young- ish man as he puts my arms behind my back.
 “Ow stop that please” I said.
“Be quiet and keep walking”.
 “Ok then”. The strange man said to his leader
“This young girl is a stowaway”
“No I’m not” I say loudly
“Stop arguing the point and be quiet”
 “Ok, Ok” I said to the man
“Well we’ll have to keep her safe she hasn’t done anything wrong, has she? said the chief
“No, not really she was hiding in the barn” says the man that has my hands behind my back tightly. I still have the ropes tied on my hands. I was thinking to myself they are so dumb I can undo knots easily. I’m standing there in the hay barn all by myself trying to undo the ropes on my hands as I was thinking that I was almost out but no I was still tightly suck in the ropes.

 In my hands was the little key ring with the three koalas on it they were meant to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil, with a little charm that says
 “I HEART AUSTRALIA” I was fiddling with it in my hand. At that time I was thinking about the rugby even though I don't like the ruby, well that's not true I do like the rugby but its a bit boring. I was thinking about what it would be like at a furture rugby game who would win.

“Ahh” I screamed
 “Some one help me please help” all I could see was darkness I started to get dizzy and fell sick finally I start to hear people cheering where was I going? the cheering got louder and louder
“Bang” I’m on solid ground.

 I quickly stand up and look around men in uniforms are running towards me so I duck down and hope for the best, a guy runs at me and tells me to get off the field now. He grabbed my arm and say “Come with me young girl”
 “Where are you taking me” I asked the man
 “I’m taking you to the police station”
“Why are you taking me there I have I, oh and where am I ?” I said to the man
 “Oh stop being dumb you no you seeked into the game and you were on the field”
 “No I didn’t seek into the game”
 “Oh rubbish you didn’t have a ticket and you seeked in anyway, so be quiet and keep walking”
 “Ok fine then” I said to the man wearing black and blue. He tells me to get in his car so I get in and we start to drive off.

The man gets out of the car and opens the door and says
 “Just in here Miss”
“Thanks” I said to the tall man. They started to ask me questions like:
“What's your name?”
 “My whole name?” I ask quietly
“Just your first and last please”
 “Jasmine, Taylor”
“And your age is?”
 “I’m 15”
 “Thanks that's all for now.” I’m sitting in the waiting room thinking, about the problems that the mining companies are having.
I’ve still have the small key ring that that old man gave me I’m playing with it in my hand wishing that I was back home with my Mum and Dad.

 Arr I’ m falling in a deep, dark hole Arr, Arr, Arr. As I fall I heard the man say
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” BANG, CRASH I hit the ground ow I landed on a rock
“That's going to leave a bruise” I said out loud.
 “What are you doing?, you can't be in here”
“Where am I?” I asked the old looking man, in a black and white suit
“Come with me please young girl”
 “Ok where are you taking me?”
 “I’m taking you out of the mine” Just as we got out of the mine aloud explosion happened ow I fall over. I ran as far and as fast as I can, I was lost after 5 minutes. There was a tree, I fall to the ground, it felt like I’ve run around the whole world and back. Oh how did I get here, I starting to wish I was back home to my key ring I miss my Mum and Dad. ARR, I’m falling and falling arr I feel like being sick BANG I’m home, home. Hi Mum, Hi Dad “So I Guess I’m grounded” “You got it no T.V, know phone and no laptop.” I walked to my room upset I thought to myself at least I’ve had a great adventure. 

By Sinead

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 Hi I'm Sinead, and I go to Opunake primary school. My class is Room 4 and my teacher is Miss Churchman. I live with my mum, dad, my big sister Brooke and my little brother Angus, on a dairy farm.


I like to draw, write, listen to music, go on the farm, ride my motorbike and hang out with my friends. And I love to read books and watch T.V I also I love playing sports. Mostly Netball, Soccer and Karate. 

-My bestie Brydee (on the right), Naomi, Zymelio, Naleeah (my other bestie), Charlie, Jazlin and Dinah.

-Fast Food

-Brussels sprouts.

My Favourite Colours are:
And Blue. 

My dislikes in general are:
-scary things

My Favourite Animals are:


                                                                      Farm Animals.

Cows/Calves.                     Lambs.

 My Hair colour is: Brown                                                                                 
   My eye colour: Blue

My Favourite movie is:                                                              
"The Fault in our Stars"                                 

My Favourite Song Is:

"We are done" By The Madden Brothers.
"Roar" By Katy Perry.
"All about that bass." Meghan Trainor.
My Favourite Tv Show Is:
Shortland Street.
My favourite book is:
I don't have a favourite book I read so many great books.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Kowhaiwhai pattrens.


In Room 4 we have been looking at geometry for maths. In maths we have been doing translation, reflection and rotation. The main thing we have been focusing on is Kowhaiwhai patterns. We have been also looking at art and then we learnt how to rotate, reflect, and translate the patterns.

Kowhaiwhai patterns have been around for at least 500 years or even longer. They were used on waka, but when the Maori stopped using the waka as much they put Kowhaiwhai patterns on the inside of the wharenui.

We have been learning about the traditional colours that they used for Kowhaiwhai. They used black, red and white. Black and red are used for the background and white for the design. The meanings for the colours are: red is for representing light and colour, black is for representing soul and nature, and white is for promise and good luck for the future.

Sinead Heaps